The world’s biggest casino

A flash of light, a dazzle of dealers, pit after pit, table after table, slots that stretch to eternity. This is the gambler’s dream, and there are many casinos around the world willing to indulge the customer. Way too many casinos. So many that even the experts are at pains to clearly point out the world’s biggest casino. The reason here is that ‘big’ is relative. Are we talking in terms of how many patrons sit at the tables at night? Or are we talking in terms of which casino brings in the most cash for gamers as well as owners? In this piece, we will talk about physicals size and in terms of that, the Venetian Macao is the biggest in the world at the moment.


This casino resort combines the intricate nature of a modern casino with the allure of a hotel complex. It is 39 stories high and is considered the 7th largest building worldwide going by floor area. The outfit belongs to the Las Vegas Sands company, an establishment with a number of casinos around the world. LVS is an American-owned enterprise. The building is by far the largest of any kind in continental Asia.

Venetian Macao boast a sprawling 10,500,000-square-foot floor are, which translates to 980,000 m2. Opened up in the latter half of 2007, the Macao has been attracting rave reviews from around the world due to its picturesque grounds, superior architecture and a feel of modernity. When you make your way to the front entrance of the Venetian Macao, you are blinded by a flash of lights, a feel that is otherworldly and a bevy of staffers looking to make your experience truly world class. The location says it all-smack in the core of the Cotai Strip in Macau, china.


At the Venetian Macao, you are sure that you will never want for gambling space. The sprawling affair is home to an amazing 800 tables and 3400 slots, enough to go around and back again. Measuring about 546,000 sq. ft., the casino complex itself is divided into four areas that have been overlaid with game themes. When you get there, you can choose between the Red Dragon, Phoenix, Imperial House and Golden Fish.

If you ae looking for accommodation after a long, successful night of gambling, then you needn’t worry. The establishment has 2,905 suites where you can crash in, and the beauty of it all is that you can choose where you want to be-all from level 7 to 38.