Las Vegas – A great gambling experience

Did you know that out of the world’s top 25 hotels, 14 are found on the Vegas strip? And what’s more, most, if not all, of these hotels come with the whole casino package. Las Vegas is without a doubt one of the finest and greatest gambling cities in the world, which is why everyone is always heading there all times of the year. The lights will welcome you in style, and the noise and racket will psych you up for a great night at the tables. If you are new to the Sin City, then you need to find a casino that lives up to the hype of the Vegas name. Let’s look at Vegas casinos that will give any gambler a rousing experience:

1. The Stratosphere Casino

From here, you can virtually see all of Vegas. And nothing beats the experience of sitting down at a table with all those lights looking up at you. The dealers know there gig, and the staff will bring liquor to your table by the boatload. This casino is easily accessible as it is located on the Las Vegas Boulevard. It fills all of 400 square meters and offers an avalanche of choices to go at for the willing gambler. There are over 1500 video poker games, more than 50 video games, a poker room and a sports book.

2. The Mirage

The Mirage was finished and opened up for business in 1989. At the time, it was the most expensive casino in the world, costing north of $630 million. It is pure quality, all the way from base to the towers, with gold dust having been used to tint the windows. Here, you can catch up with all your table and slot favorites. You also get to live bet on boxing events if you happen to visit at a time when such events are taking place within the resort.

3. MGM Grand

This impressive structure lives up to its billing every single day, with amazing slot and table games. The dealers know what they are about, the atmosphere is out of this world, and the aggression by the gamblers is admirable. There is a little bit of everything for everyone at the MGM Las Vegas-even electronic games for the savvy gambler.

If you are looking to feed off the gaming tradition of Vegas, go all out right now. The people in these places go out of their way to give you a part of the Sin City you only see in the movies.